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Individual Therapy

I offer individual one to one therapy to adults, by phone or online across the UK. I also offer ‘walk and talk’ therapy sessions for those living in the South Yorkshire area. A little different to the surroundings of ‘usual’ practice, but it could really work for you! I’m a keen advocate of the outdoors and believe that nature promotes a healthy mind, enhancing the therapeutic process.  
Having worked with a range of people over the years, I can help you with many challenges. Some of these include anxiety, depression, trauma, bereavement and loss, abuse, negative thinking, self-esteem, relationships, work related issues, identity, learning disabilities, health issues, anger and stress.


Training and workshops are offered to further knowledge, build skills and support CPD- whether you work in the field of health and social care, education or elsewhere.
A range of subjects, from introductory to advanced level can be offered. My style of delivery is creative and invigorating. 
Packages are adapted to your needs and requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your ideas.

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